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Big Ridge Bulls

Semen straws from both of our Big Ridge herd sires are now available for sale here on the website, via the buttons below.

After purchasing, we will contact the lab to release the straws. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to arrange and pay for shipping directly with Cottage Farm Genetics, typically $135-160 in the continental US.

Shipping Contact for Elm Hollow straws:
Ronda or Wes
(731) 664-7400
[email protected]

Standard Pricing
Straws for our Elm Hollow sires are $70 each with the following discounts available:
6-10 straws  –  5% discount
11-25 straws  –  10% discount
26+ straws  –  15% discount

Special Package Deal
5 straws BR Voodoo Magic
5 straws Big Ridge Fergus.
$600 (Over 14% off)


If you have any questions, contact…

Nancy Geller
[email protected]
(912) 674-8401

Phone reception is very poor, please use email or FB Messenger.

Big Ridge Voodoo Magic

Big Ridge VooDoo Magic an award winning black Highland bull

American Highland Cattle Association #51,522
DOB: 11/19/2011

2019 International Virtual Highland Cattle Show, 1st Place People’s Choice, Class 7, Bull 60-120 months.

Read more about Magic below.

Big Ridge Fergus

Big Ridge Fergus a large Highland bull at pasture

American Highland Cattle Association #57,487
DOB: 04/08/2017

2019 International Virtual Highland Cattle Show, 1st Place People’s Choice, Class 4, Bull 24-36 months.

Read more about Fergus below.

More on Big Ridge Voodoo Magic

Voodoo Magic is pictured at just 22 months old. Photo credit: Bill Arrington

Highland Bull named Big Ridge VooDoo Magic at 22 months old

And here is Magic six years later at age eight in the next three photos.

Voodoo Magic’s full thighs, thick shoulders and short, strong legs give overall balance that exemplifies perfect conformity to the Scottish Standards.

Highland bull Big Ridge Voodoo Magic eating lunch at 8 years old

Big Ridge Voodoo Magic is a calm, patient fellow whose calves average 55#, deliver unaided, nurse unassisted and grow at rapid rate, often outgaining their peers by 100+ pounds at weaning.

Magic was carefully bred to produce black and red calves with sound feet, tight udders, and gentle temperament. Magic’s semen per straw pricing is $70 with the following discounts available….

6-10 straws  –  5% discount
11-25 straws  –  10% discount
26+ straws  –  15% discount

Big Ridge VooDoo Magic being brushed at pasture

Magic exhibits all of the important traits of the Scottish Highland Cattle Standard. Magic’s excellently level top line combined with his strong muscular neck, broad short head, low wide horn set, and bushy forelock compliment a thick, slightly wavy coat.

Highland bull VooDoo Magic standing at profile against beautiful fall foliage

We are truly grateful to Bill and Kae Arrington of Big Ridge Highlands for their contributions to the breed, and most especially for working through generations to produce this magnificent bull.

We have learned much from the Arringtons, and been greatly inspired to carry on this legacy of excellence here at Elm Hollow Farm.


Big Ridge Voodoo Magic has produced another champion!

We are so excited to announce the Division 1 Intermediate Heifer Calf champion in the 2020 National Western Stock Show went to FSH Shake your Groove (AI,D), AHCA registration number 59,481 born 5/3/19 and shown with her NWSS championship banner below.

She is owned and was shown by Chet Welch of Tunnel Hill Farm, and her breeder is Greg Starr of Four Star Highlands

Voodoo Magic’s Calves

Voodoo Magic produces both red and black calves. The four below are shown at approximately three months.

Four Highland calves sired by Big Ridge Voodoo Magic

And here are three weanlings by Voodoo Magic at approximately six months.

Three Highland cattle weanlings sired by Big Ridge Voodoo Magic

Shown below is Big Ridge Effie Rose, Grand Champion Female at the North Central Highland Cattle Association show.

Sired by Big Ridge Voodoo Magic, dam Sobhrach of Big Ridge. Owned and expertly shown by Paige Proctor and Windemere Farms.

Magic’s son, Big Ridge Bearnard AHCA # 53391 at 20 months old.

Black Highland bull Big Ridge Bearnard at 20 months old

More on Big Ridge Fergus

Big Ridge Fergus is an even tempered very Scottish bull that traces back to one generation from Scotland. Fergus is the only remaining, active, bull, direct descendent of MacDonald of Esk, AHCA # 18546.

Award badge for 1st place in class 4 at the 2019 International Highland Cattle Virtual Show

His calves have run the entire range from black to white. He passes on his very correct Scottish standards to his offspring. Straws will be priced at $70.00 each with the following discounts available….

6-10 straws  –  5% discount
11-25 straws  –  10% discount
26+ straws  –  15% discount

Highland bull named Big Ridge Fergus striding through winter pasture

Fergus is a young bull and has only sired a few calves for us so far, but we have kept his first heifer to add to our fold. Elm Hollow’s Heather at 11 months, AHCA # 59800. She is so sweet tempered that she serves as greeter to visitors here at Elm Hollow Farm.

An eleven month old black Highland heifer calf

Heather was the first Fergus calf born at Elm Hollow Farm. Dam is Big Ridge Dubh Darcy.

This bull calf is one of Fergus’s 2020 fall calves by Dam Deirdre of Legacy.

White Highland calf in the winter forest on bed of leaves
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