2020-2021 Heifer Calves Preview

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2020-2021 Heifer Calves

Shown at day of birth, and in early February.

Elm Hollow’s Jolene

Elm Hollow’s Jolene is a lovely Red heifer. Sired by BR Voodoo Magic # 51522 and her dam is Big Ridge Abigail # 57492. Jolene has been spunky and playful from the start and often outruns and out kicks the boys at playtime.

DOB 11/07/20

Highland cow with newborn calf at Elm Hollow Farm
Highland heifer calf Jolene several months old with mother

Elm Hollow’s Jetta

Elm Hollow’s Jetta will be a sleek black heifer sired by Big Ridge Fergus # 57487. Her dam, LiTerra Adelida, # 55421 consistently produces excellent calves. We have kept her first two (both red heifers) because of their ideal conformation and easy-going tempers. We’ll be watching closely to see how this girl develops.

DOB 11/11/20

Newborn Highland calf with mother at Elm Hollow Farm on green grass
Elm Hollow Jetta a dark furry Highland heifer calf
Profile view of three month old Highland heifer calf

Elm Hollow’s Jewel

Elm Hollow’s Jewel is Adelida’s granddaughter! EH Gracie # 57754 watched what her mama did, and the next morning did exactly as she saw her mama do. Jewel is another of Big Ridge Fergus’s # 57487) calves and is continuing the family tradition of beautiful conformation. Another heifer to watch!

DOB 11/12/20

Dark brown heifer calf with black nose and eyes likely to have fur turn black

Elm Hollow’s Jaffa

Elm Hollow’s Jaffa sired by BR Voodoo Magic # 51522, and one of our wonderful Legacy cows, Ban Diuc of Legacy # 56155 is her dam. This lovely cow from the Legacy line has produced two fantastic little bulls (one of which will remain right here at Elm Hollow).

Her heifer calf promises to be just as outstanding.

DOB 11/13/20

Highland heifer calf cuddling with mother on her first day
Cute Highland calf with mother by the tractor
A fine looking specimen Highland heifer calf at three months old

Elm Hollow’s Jubilee

Elm Hollow’s Jubilee will be as pretty as her mama! BR Voodoo Magic # 51522 is her sire, and her dam is Windemere Dare # 55236. Jubilee’s color seems to be getting lighter every day. She promises to be a lovely cow.

DOB 11/14/20

Silver colored Highland heifer calf nursing on day of birth
Very pretty light colored Highland heifer calf about three months old

Elm Hollow’s Janie

Elm Hollow’s Janie is the tiniest calf we’ve ever had. Her sire, EH Ferrell # 57706 was one of my favorite little gentlemen, and her dam, GAM Emma Jane # 58573, is our smallest cow. Janie is peppy and sassy and just fun to watch in the pasture. For comparison, Janie is shown here with an average size calf born the same week.

DOB 11/15/20

A little white Highland calf "Janie" with her mother
Small white Highland heifer shown alongside a normal sized Highland calf
Highland calf striding purposefully along a hilltop

Elm Hollow’s Jazell

Elm Hollow’s Jazzell is sired by Big Ridge Fergus # 57487, and her dam is a Voodoo Magic daughter, Big Ridge Dubh Darcy, # 54688. Her genetic background is very strong and she will be a wonderful addition to any breeding program.

DOB 11/25/20

Newborn Highland calf with black cow in fenced paddock
Brown Highland heifer calf trotting along in picked down pasture

Elm Hollow’s Katie Sue AHCA #61322

Katie Sue’s dam, LEA Nocturne, AHCA # 56653 comes backed with an outstanding genetic background including an impact dam and two elite impact dams. Katie Sue’s sire is BR Voodoo Magic, AHCA # 51522.

We’d planned on keeping Katie Sue right here where she belongs, but a reality check of pasture space forces me to offer this absolutely correct heifer to be a part of some lucky person’s fold. Don’t miss out on Katie Sue.

Katie Sue is one of our January calves and will not be ready to go until late July or early August.

DOB 1/16/21

Large Highland bull sitting on hay with his newborn daughter
A red Highland heifer calf just one month old "Katie Sue"
A red fluffy Highland heifer calf standing near nice handling facility
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