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Top Gun I of Mapleview

AHCA #21286

All known photos of Top Gun I and Top Gun II of Mapleview were lost during a data transfer when a university student was writing an article about these outstanding twins produced when embryo production was in its infancy. What we have tracked down however is a full sibling of that same flush that looks almost identical.

Award winning Highland bull Top Gun 1's sibling Winchester a white Highland bull

Winchester of Mapleview
AHCA #30964
Full Sibling of Top Gun I of Mapleview

8 month old tawny Highland bull calf halter training in nice barn

8 month old bull calf
(Recent offspring of Top Gun I)

Championship Highland cow with award ribbon on the show floor

This is Finola of Dirtane, the dam of Top Gun I of Mapleview. Finola won best in show two consecutive years in Denver.

Highland Cattle Animal Details

Top Gun I of Mapleview (ET,t,D)

Regn. No.: 31286
Reg. Status Reg 05/18/98
Birth Date: 06/23/1997
Color: White

Top Gun I of Mapleview ancestry

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Very Limited inventory: $150 per straw
Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow CAN-9609

As a young bull, Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow was recognized as a very structurally sound bull. Originally, this outstanding bull was believed to be sired by Philip of Strathallan, but in 2010, a DNA test confirmed that he was sired by Bart of Benmore UK 7177 who was the Reserve Male Champion at the Royal Highland Show in 1987 and the Reserve Champion at Oban in 1988.

Young Highland bull with long shaggy black hair

Shown above at just under 2 years and below as a well matured senior bull.

Mature black Highland bull named Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow
His weight was over 2000# and scrotal circumference of 41 cm. Scrotal circumference of over 38 cm has been linked to the early maturation of heifer calves produced by a bull.

Highland Cattle Animal Details

Regn. No.: 30840
Reg. Status Reg 01/29/98
Birth Date: 06/01/1996
Color: Black

Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow registry

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Extremely Limited Availability
Du Boise Lecoq (Rooster) CAN-12293>


24 straw(s) currently available. When those are gone there will be no more available from Elm Hollow.
$250 per straw.

Du Boise Lecaq Highland Bull

In 2002: at 10.5 months old, this outstanding bull tied for top honors in the Quebec Highland Bull test.
In 2003: Intermediate champion at the NWSS in Denver
In 2004: Grand Champion, Badger State Highland Classic
At 30 months old he weighed 1850 #
At 36 months old he weighed 2070

Scrotal Circumference was 43 cm.
Frame Score 4.5

Highland Cattle Animal Details

Regn. No.: 37741
Reg. Status Reg 09/12/02
Color: Black

Du Boise Lecoq ancestry

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