Visiting Elm Hollow Farm

General information: Tours are done by appointment only. I do charge for tours, because it does take time away from our regular work.

The fee is $75.00/ hour for up to four people in the tour group.

No children under 12 in the pastures. They may sit inside your vehicle in the pasture (we do have a passable road into the pasture), but no matter how gentle the cows are, they are big, they are livestock and we put safety first. Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

All adults must sign our waiver before entering the pasture and assume responsibility for any child under 18 in your group. If you can choose the $100 tour, it includes a bag of treats to feed the cows, and your choice of a tour souvenir. T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and a variety of baby articles. We’ll be adding more choices in the future. Additional souvenirs available for purchase. 

To schedule a tour, email [email protected] or call/text (912) 674-8401

A small pasture full of Highland cows in different colors
Woman in a field scratching the chin of an appreciative Highland cow

Types of Tours

At the time you make an appointment, please tell me what type of tour you are looking for:

1) Just curious about Highlands and want to pet cows, learn a little about their history, meet the girls on the website in person, see the babies in the pasture etc.

2) Planning to get a few Highlands because they are so wonderful, and want to know more about their needs and the facilities needed to safely handle them. Learn what to look for in a good cow.

3) Experienced with other beef breeds and want to learn about how Highlands can improve the quality of beef when crossed with other traditional breeds, considering beginning a pure Highland beef operation, or want to add a small fold of Highlands alongside of the cows you already own.

Elm Hollow mugs and soup mugs are a favorite of our tour guests.

We also have a variety of other Highland offerings… including T-shirts, silly mugs and tumblers, and a variety of baby wear.

A variety of mug styles with the Elm Hollow Farm vintage-style logo on them
Variety of baby clothes items that feature Highland cattle graphics on them
Variety of cup sizes with pictures of Highlands and silly sayings
Tshirt featuring bold graphic of Highland cow on abstract background
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