Highland Cows and Calf Interacting With Farm Woman

Our Take on Eco-Friendly

At Elm Hollow farm, we strive to be as Eco-Friendly as we possibly can.  This goes beyond removing the trash that blows into our pastures.  We strive to use as few commercial chemicals as possible for weed and pest control, opting for using the naturally produced fertilizer that accumulates in our barn lots and near feeding stations in the pastures.

Employing fly predators and using essential oils to produce natural fly repellant is another way to reduce the chemical exposure to our livestock and ourselves.  All our cleaners are essential oil based so there is no risk of poisoning even the frogs in the pond!  We use no harsh chemicals in the house or in the barn, all cleaning products are purchased from the wellness company that we joined in August of 2017.  We have even moved to green energy here and are producing enough electricity to power the farm and to sell back into the grid!

Solar Panels Being Installed on Barn Roof

Solar Power

We’ve begun an ambitious multi-stage solar power installation project.

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Highland Mother Cow and Calf

Healthy Living

Healthy living is important to us and we approach that from several different angles.

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Highland Bull and Cow

Sustainable Farming

Sustainability is important to us and guides everything we do.

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