Semen from Outstanding Highland Bulls
Available from Elm Hollow’s Collection

Elm Hollow Farm first began to offer the sale of semen in July of 2019 with the purchase of BR Voodoo Magic  AHCA #51522

We had not planned to carry a semen inventory, but the straws were already collected and were included in the purchase of this outstanding bull so we began to learn about the process of collection, storage, and sale of the semen of great bulls.

Magic had a younger Big Ridge bull, Big Ridge Fergus, as his pasture companion.  Fergus is a stunning bull as well, and armed with our new knowledge, we had straws collected from him to add to our tank.  We continue to have a limited number of both these Big Ridge bulls available for your AI needs.

Standard Pricing

Straws for our our rare/champion bulls inventory are $100 each with the following discounts available:

6-10 straws  –  5% discount

11-25 straws  –  10% discount

26+ straws  –  15% discount 

Color Variety package  $790  (A discount of 0ver 12%)

2 BR Voodoo Magic  (black)

2 Big Ridge Fergus  (dun)

2 Ruger of Mapleview  (red)

2 We Tired Acres Joc  (brindle)

Big Ridge Voodoo Magic

Big Ridge VooDoo Magic an award winning black Highland bull

American Highland Cattle Association #51,522
DOB: 11/19/2011

2019 International Virtual Highland Cattle Show, 1st Place People’s Choice, Class 7, Bull 60-120 months.

Big Ridge Voodoo Magic ancestry

Bulls from Other Farms

In the fall of 2020, I was contacted by a well-known international judge of Highland cattle who extended to me an opportunity purchase his entire inventory of semen from bulls that he considered to be the most outstanding examples of the breed. We have never regretted that purchase.

Because some of these bulls have been out of circulation for some time, I have compiled as much information as I was able to find on each, including their genetic background as taken from herd books where they are recorded. A couple are also recorded in the Canadian herd book and one in Scotland.

Ruger of Mapleview AHCA # 26594

Red Highland bull Ruger of Mapleview
Ruger is a red bull, available for shipment in the US and Canada.

Show results for Ruger of Mapleview:

  • 1995 Reserve Intermediate Champion – Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada
  • 1995 Grand Champion Bull – Northeast Highland Cattle Association
  • 1996 Reserve Intermediate Champion – National Western Stock Show
  • 1996 Grand Champion Bull – Northeast Highland Cattle Association

Sire: Scott of Craycombe, a 5-time champion in Great Britain
Dam: EZ Acres Kristin, North American Female of the year 1993

Ruger was named Grand Champion Bull at the Northeast Highland Cattle show in 1995 and 1996.

Ruger’s mature weight was over 2,000 # and his scrotal circumference was 42cm.
Scrotal circumference of over 38 cm has been linked to the early maturation of heifer calves produced by a bull.

Ruger of Mapleton ancestry

We Tired Acres Joc

I recently was offered the opportunity to purchase a significant inventory of a beautiful bull with genetics that will strengthen any Highland fold. Just look at his outstanding background!

We Tired Acres Joc at the Badger State Highland Classis

We Tired Acres Joc, AHCA # 41242 

Listed as red when first registered, Joc has matured as a beautiful brindle that closely resembles his magnificent grandsire, Rioghail of Balmoral.

We Tired Acres Joc

Rioghail of Balmoral AHCA #7599

We Tired Acres Joc ancestry

After making a purchase, semen straws will be released as soon as payment clears.  If you have not received an email stating that your straws have been released, please email me at [email protected] so I can get that release done for you.  After you receive confirmation by email, you can contact Lori at Hawkeye breeders to arrange for shipping.

Shipping contacts for Hawkeye:
Phone: 515-993-4711
Fax: 515-993-4176
Email: [email protected] (Lori)

If you have questions, please contact…

Nancy Geller
[email protected]
(912) 674-8401  (Use text and please provide your name)

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