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Clean the Air in Your Environment!

As you know from elsewhere on our website, we are interested in environmentally friendly products and a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and advocate the same for our customers.

We are introducing a new product line available through our website to decrease air-borne allergens and infectious agents. If you know Schuyler personally, you know that he is a retired Air Force Colonel and was a NASA-trained flight surgeon supporting space shuttle missions and training newbie NASA flight surgeons in Europe back in the early ‘90’s. I will get to why that might be important in a minute.

Schuyler and I spend a lot of time outdoors here at Elm Hollow Farm, but when we are indoors, we are surrounded by dogs, cats, and an occasional wandering chicken or peacock that has managed to figure out the magnetized split-door screens and dog doors that allow our pets to enter and leave at will.…<grin>. Our indoor spaces are full of allergens, and there was no shortage of stuffy heads and morning coughs here at Elm Hollow. We had become resigned to just live with them as the location, lifestyle and all our animals are precious to us. I even started allergy shots a couple of years ago with some slow improvement.

However, Schuyler has recently discovered that a technology used in the space program to keep the International Space Station and the Pentagon safe, is now commercially available for personal, home and business use. It is not a filtration system but a bi-polar ion plasma generator using high energy ultraviolet light (UV-C and VUV) bombarding a proprietary titanium oxide/rare earth metals rod that clears the surrounding air at 1200 feet per second or roughly the muzzle velocity of a 9mm pistol. It enters the surrounding air at this high velocity, quickly filling a large space and clearing it of allergens and particulate matter (all that stuff that makes you cough and sneeze).

As a bonus, it also generates molecular hydrogen peroxide (without ozone) and other super oxides that will destroy bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses including 99.99% of live SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus in the air in just THREE MINUTES. This technology was tested and proved to be effective in a University of Texas Medical Branch, FDA approved, Level 4 biodefense lab. It was further proven to sanitize surfaces of COVID-19 virus in seven hours. It effectively clears rooms (both air and surfaces) of other virus, bacteria, fungus and mold, mycobacteria (TB) and even bacterial spores.

We now have one of these commercially available units that clears up to 3000 square feet (9 ft ceilings) in both the upstairs and downstairs of our home.

Vollara whole house air purifier device at Elm Hollow Farm on side table in the house
Vollara mobile air freshener unit great for office, hotel room or vehicle use lying on wood table

There is also a mobile unit that will do the same job in a smaller area like an office or motel room (up to 500 square feet) We use one of those when we must travel to reduce any concerns about the cleanliness of motel rooms’ air and surfaces. This smaller unit even has an adapter to plug into a car if you’re traveling (especially in a rental car).

The company has also produced a small personal device that clears allergens in about a 2-3 feet radius around a person (the area from which each breath is taken) as they walk about at the grocery, restaurant, school, or local business.

No more head stuffiness or morning cough for me or Schuyler, even with the dogs and cats in the bed! We have become such a fan that we are now distributors for this item.

It will come to our website soon but in the meantime, here is a link to the video that describes it and shows the allergen clearing and microbe killing efficiency graphs: visit Vollara site in new window.

For more information or how to purchase contact Schuyler at [email protected].

Vollara personal air freshening device hanging around woman's neck
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