Meet the Highland Cows

I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted to have a brief bio on each of the cows. After all, the bulls have their pictures all over the webpage, and the cows are just taken for granted. Cows are people too!

We sell most of our calves as they get to weaning age, and occasionally sell breeding age Highlands as we refine our breeding program or other reasons arise.

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Highland cow Nadia at Elm Hollow Farm

Meet the Highland Coos of Elm Holllow Farm

LiTerra Nadia, AHCA #55217

Meet LiTerra Nadia who serves as lead cow here at Elm Hollow Farm. The other coos follow her when we move to a new pasture. She can be a clown sometimes.

Taking the lead is an important role, but Nadia also needs to know that she has to do as we say. We’re almost to that place now.

Nadia presented us with our very first set of twin heifers at Elm Hollow. Although she is a great mother to a single calf, she was not impressed with having two. We were able to locate a surrogate for one of the little heifers. .. and that story is in Newsletter #11.

Large red Highland cow
Highland cow LiTerra Nadia peeking out
Nancy Geller brushing out a Highland cow
Highland cow with twin heifer calves

Big Ridge Abigail, AHCA #57492

Big Ridge Abigail is an easy-going girl who loves attention and dotes on her babies like they are the most precious things in the world.

here she is with Elm Hollow’s Hattie her 2019 heifer calf and little Elm Hollow’s Jolene, her sweet little heifer from 2020.

Stocky yellow Highland cow standing near hay profile view
Black Highland Calf named Hattie nursing from mother cow
Highland cow mother cleaning off newborn calf named Jolene

Literra Adalida, AHCA #55421

Adalida became our first impact dam with the birth of Elm Hollow’s Jetta in 2020. I can’t praise this cow enough for the beautiful calves she has produced.

Her first daughter, EH Gracie still calls Elm Hollow home and Adalida has given us EH Adelida’s Hope as another “keeper.”

Newborn Highland calf with mother at Elm Hollow Farm on green grass
Yellow Highland cow-named-Adelida-in-tall-grass-profile-view

Big Ridge Callie, AHCA #54244

Callie is our trumpeter. She never fails to have a calf that loves to run and socialize with the other caves. It drives this good mama crazy and she has developed quite a loud call for those mischievous babies.

I think you can see the surprise in her eyes when this little tyke showed up only 10 ½ months after the one from the year before!

Red Highland cow standing up on a ridge
Red Highland cow named Callie with her young calf at her side

WKA Annie Get Your Gun, AHCA #56824

Annie has been a delight since she arrived here as a young heifer. She was so proud of her first calf, WB Hickock!

Annie’s maternal skills are impeccable and she allows us to take care of her babies as needed without a fuss. Here she is with Justice, her 2020 calf.

Highland calf Justice taking milk on the day he was born.
Closeup of face of Highland cow named Anne with a big smile on her face

LiTerra Avon, AHCA #58147

Avon Joined us in October of 2018 as a 7-month-old calf and will be having her first Elm Hollow baby in October of 2021. She looks like a younger version of Nadia!

Profile view of red Highland cow named Avon at Elm Hollow Farm
Highland cow named Avon red with blonde bangs staring straight at camera

Ban Diuc of Legacy, AHCA #56155

One of my favorites! Ban Diuc of Legacy has given us some absolutely beautiful calves. Sold to us as an open heifer, we were delighted when she presented us with a strong, healthy bull calf shortly after her arrival.

She is a wonderful mother and her offspring are stunning. Pictured with her 2020 heifer calf Jaffa, you can see why I love this cow.

Highland cow with young calf drinking from her
Red Highland cow named Ban Diuc with awesome set of horns standing in the road
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