Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Calves Are Coming!

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of a new crop of calves here at Elm Hollow Farm. We are expecting 18 calves between mid October and the end of March There will genetics from a total of 6 different sires! Here’s our first halter training class from last fall’s calves.

All calves will stay here until they are at least six months old. They will be weaned and halter trained after weaning and of course will be up to date on recommended vaccinations. Calves purchased prior to weaning age will be vaccinated according to the buyer’s wishes and the buyer may prefer to do the halter training for bonding with their calf.

Our waiting list is growing! Pictures of the calves will be posted on our FB page, Elm Hollow Highlands, but none will be sold until they are close to weaning age. We will contact people on our list before posting any on this page.

To be placed on the waiting list, email [email protected]. Be sure to tell me what you are interested in and contact information.

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