Highland Calf Sales Policies

Elm Hollow Farm would like to share information with you on how we prepare calves for sale…

All of our calves (cows) either are registered or can be registered with the AHCA. Calves are not minis, they are simply small because they are calves. They will grow up to be 800-1500# cows or bulls depending on their genetics. We have some that tend to the smaller size and others that tend toward the very large beefy type, if you plan to breed for beef.

We do not sell bottle babies. On the rare occasion that a calf cannot nurse its mother we will look for a surrogate, and only if all else fails will it be raised on a bottle. Once it is established on the bottle, the calf may be offered for sale.

Elm Hollow Jetta a dark furry Highland heifer calf
Highland calf lying down with baby goats playing on her back


I’m often asked about pricing. Our calves vary in price according to their value. When a calf is weaned and begins halter training I can evaluate its temperament which is one of the determining factors.

Other things that influence pricing are: the calves genetic background, its conformity to Scottish standards (some of which can be read about on our website), its size, gender, and color. The least important of these is color.

When I have determined what I feel is a fair value, I will post the calf with the lowest price I would accept and those interested will have an opportunity to make an offer of that amount or more for the calf.

Calf Preparation

Our calves are weaned at 6-8 months old, and then….

1. Vaccinated (first vaccine only on 6 month calves, boosters on 8 months +.)

2. Ivermectin pour on or injectable for parasites.

3. Heifers are registered with the AHCA Bull registrations or steering will be done on request for $100. (our cost)

4. We pay the fee to have the registration transferred to the buyer if it is mailed within 90 days of purchase. Transfers of registrations will be prepared and ready for buyer to drop into the mail. Transfers after 90 days are $45 each and will be the responsibility of the buyer at that point, so send in those transfers!

5. Calves are halter trained to stand and lead – the basics not show ring ready. Some buyers prefer to do this themselves and that is not a problem.

6. Calves are tattooed according to their AHCA registration. One exception is the rare unregistered bull calf. Steers are recorded with the AHCA, but not registered.

7. In the case of calves moving across the state line, permanent USDA ID ear tag and health certificate. In state buyers may also request this, but it is not required.

A group of highland calves at a feeding trough
Small Highland calf with a little girl hugging it

Other Notes

On occasion, we offer bred cows. As we add promising new heifers to the fold, we sell some of our proven cows.

Cow-calf pairs are occasionally available as such. Please feel free to inquire about cow-calf pairs for available calves.

We will rarely offer yearlings or 2 year olds under special circumstances.

Be sure to ask about what you are getting when comparing prices.

Genetics and conformation matter! And some breeders are simply selling right out of the pasture with no treatment, training, or registration.

Quality Genetics

Also available from Elm Hollow Farm…

Semen from our herd sires Big Ridge Voodoo Magic and Big Ridge Fergus.

Waiting List?

Instead of a waiting list, we have an email list for those who wish to receive notifications of available calves and other cattle. I do not share that list with anyone. The newsletter and the ready for sale announcements are the only publications on that mailing list. No junk email.

The available calves & other cattle will also be added to our Highlands for Sale page on the website after their availability is announced that page will have additional details.

We do ask a lot of questions and try very hard to be sure the calves go to the right homes.

Thank you again for contacting us at Elm Hollow Farm!


Big Ridge VooDoo Magic an award winning black Highland bull
Big Ridge Fergus a large Highland bull at pasture
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