For Sale – Elm Hollow’s Dubh Lennox: a handsome bull calf with colorful genetics

Lennox was born November 27, 2022. Lennox is one of those flashy guys with the red highlights in his coat. As a calf he was pure black, but the highlights began to show as soon as his calf coat began to give way to his true colors. At first we thought he might be brindle, but as he matures, it appears that he will be black like his beautiful mama and well porportioned like both his parents. He is a mid sized Highland, neither mini nor big and beefy.

Lennox is well mannered so he is on our list of bull calves that may be steered on the request of the buyer. Although he promises a bright future as a bull, there is another black bull calf in his class who is unrelated to any of our cows or heifers that we will be keeping here on the farm. Lennox would be a nice young bull for a small farm and because his sire is dun, he would have calves of a variety of colors. The fee to register Lennox as a bull is $100 because of the expense of DNA testing.

If he becomes a steer, Lennox would be a nice companion animal to a heifer, bull, or another steer. I always recommend that if you want a pet, choose a steer. They are more even tempered because there are no hormone swings to deal with. When a cow is in heat, she can get cranky, and a bull can get obstinate when he detects love the air anywhere in the neighborhood.

While we don’t register our steers because they won’t be reproducing, we do register their birth with the AHCA and you can trace their lineage through the herdbook.

Both his sire and his dam have excellent, gentle temperaments that have obviously been passed on to Lennox. His halter training has gone smoothly and he enjoys being brushed. Lennox is quick to relax when he is tied, he leads without resistance and accepts the halter with no fuss. 

Notice that his dam and grand dam are impact dams, and his great granddam is an elite impact dam. Also, two of his great sires are impact sires. Lennox promises to be a very productive bull.

Lennox' registry information
Dubh Lennox' ancestry

With his gentleness and genetics, Lennox would be wonderful as either a steer or bull. Just be sure to let me know by August 1 if you’d like him to remain a bull.

If you would like additional information or would like to purchase Dubh Lennux, simply email [email protected] with your FULL NAME, YOUR FARM’S LOCATION, and a brief description of your farm.

I will also be requesting information about your pastures, facilities for handling, goals for your Highlands: (pasture ornaments, pets, beef, showing, etc.)  It is important to gather this information before the sale because I don’t accept offers unless I feel like the buyer and the calf/cow are a good match.  It is important that calf/cow will be manageable for the buyer and will be able to fulfill their goals.  I also want to be sure my calves/cows will have a safe home with the buyer.

All Elm Hollow calves have been vaccinated and examined by our vet.  All have been socialized, halter trained to stand and lead. Elm Hollow farm will pay for transfer fees when applicable and health certificates when required for transport.

Lennox is available for $2,500.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
Elm Hollow's Lennox

Elm Hollow’s Dubh Lennox, AHCA # U16048 showing off the red highlights in his calf coat.

Elm Hollow's Dubh Lennox

Lennox has the genetics to be a good bull for a small farm and the gentle manners to be a good companion as a steer.

BR Voodoo Magic Highland bull standing on a ridge

Lennox’ sire, BR Fergus, AHCA # 57487.

LEA Nocturne Highland Cow in Pasture

Lennox’ dam: LEA Nocturne, ANCH # 56653

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