For Sale – Elm Hollow’s Murdoc, AHCA # 66243

Bull calf ready to bring color and outstanding conformation to your fold.

We could see it when Murdoc was a tiny calf at his mother’s side. He just got better every day! Here’s a perfect example of how a Highland calf goes through color changes. He was inky black at birth, brown at two months old and black with blond highlights as a yearling. His adult color will be black, but he will be able to produce a variety of color in his offspring. He’ll also pass on his beautiful conformation.

Elm Hollow's Murdock with his dam
Elm Hollow's Murdoc at 2 months
Elm Hollow's Murdock Scottish Highland registry
Elm Hollow's Murdock Scottish Highland bull calf ancestry

This young bull’s ancestry says it all. He will bring color variety and outstanding conformation to your fold. At the age of 12 months, this fellow is eager to please the ladies, but he needs another season to grow so he can reach the girls. LOL

Murdoc is up to date on vaccinations and, if sold outside the state of Tennessee, will have the required health certificate for travel across state lines. I will pay the fees to have registrations transferred into the buyer’s name.

Murdoc is available for $4,000.

Update: Murdoc sold for $4,000.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
Elm Hollow's Murdoc Scottish Highland Bull

Elm Hollow’s Murdoc will bring color and outstanding conformation to your fold.

Elm Hollow's Murdoc Scottish Highland bull calf at show

The judge had nice things to say about Murdoc at the 2023 Southeast Highland Show and Sale.

Blue Ridge Fergus a highland bull out standing in his field

This is Big Ridge Fergus, AHCA # 57487,  son of MacDonald of Esk, whose sire and dam are from Scotland.  Fergus has such a gentle temperament that I just had to stop and give him chin scratches every time I walked by.  He loves attention and is the gentlest of souls. 

Your bull will be half the genetics of each calf you produce.  Make it a good one, like Murdoc!

LEA Never Enough Scottish Highland cow

Murdoc’s dam, LEA Never Enough, AHCA # 57377. What a beautiful cow!  Never came to Elm Hollow three years ago and has become one of our favorite girls.  She was stand offish at first, but we’ve gained her trust and now she loves the attention of visitors.  She has produced one of the nicest little bulls I’ve seen when she gave us Murdoc! 

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