Highland Cow Calf Pair for Sale:
Elsee & Kevin

Big Ridge Elsee, AHCA # 56396, is the picture of Scottish standards. Elsee is sired by BR Voodoo Magic, AHCA # 51522 and her dam is RRG5G Myrtle Rose I, AHCA # 26965. Elsee is a good mother and has many beautiful calves in her future. He current calf is a dun bull sired by Big Ridge Fergus. Elm Hollow’s Kevin was born on a rainy, muddy day, but that little boy was bright eyed and raring to go from the start.

We have kept more black heifers that we should have and in order to diversify the genetics here, we had to choose one of our best to make room for next years breeding stock. Kevin is Elsee’s second calf and she will continue to calve into her late teens. You can’t go wrong with this addition to your fold. Kevin can be registered and is already recorded with the AHCA.

The pair is offered at $4800 minimum. Additional pictures of Elsee follow and also pictures of her sire and dam, and Kevin’s sire.

Elsee as a heifer at age 2. And again just before her first calf was born.

This photo was taken on March 4 of this year, just a few days ago. Kevin seems to like to wade in the mud, but between Elsee and me, we will get him looking pretty.

The next pictures in order are 1. Magic and Myrtle Rose (at age 20 just after Elsee was weaned) 2. Magic and 3. Kevin’s sire, Big Ridge Fergus.

The price listed represents the lowest price I’m willing to accept for Elsee and Kevin. I’ve had several people tell me that they missed out on a cow or calf they really had their heart set on because they sell so quickly – sometimes within an hour of posting. I’ve decided to wait 72 hours from the time of posting to sell a cow or calf. This will allow those who are busy, but have their heart set on one of the babies, time to get back to me with the best price they are willing to offer in an email.

It is helpful to include some information about the environment that Elsee and Kevin would be moving to and your plans for them. We consider this factor with greater weighting even than the offer, as we’ve spent so much time with our little fluffy friends and want the best for them.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold

Update 3/13/21: Sold for $6,000 to an excellent home.

Highland cow calf pair on the day of the bull calf's birth
Highland calf drinking from black Highland bull
Two year old black highland heifer cow
Black cow standing in snowy field very pregnant
Dun colored Highland bull calf drinking from black cow
Black Highland bull and red highland cow in the distance in tall grass
Big Ridge VooDoo Magic an award winning black Highland bull
Large Highland bull very strong looking
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