For Sale – Elm Hollow’s Laredo: a big, friendly guy with meat herd sire potential.

Laredo was born December 25, 2022. We bring the weanling calves over to halter school in groups of five or six so they will not feel lonely and so we can manage the class. When Laredo came over in a group of six, we already had six calves in training, so the class was huge! It was a bit intimidating to get into a small area with a dozen calves, even though half of them were already easy to work with. It didn’t help that the new group had four large bull calves and one large heifer. Laredo, was gentle from the start and made it much easier when he just came right in like he’d been with the class from day one.

He is one of the larger calves from this year and would be an easy-to-handle bull for a beef herd or a sweet pasture ornament/pet/companion for someone who just wants to see a Highland when they go to the fence. He can remain intact if you act before August 1, 2023. In the case of a bull, registration would be $100 and the transfer fee $25.

As a  steer, Laredo could be a companion to a heifer, bull, or another steer. I always recommend that if you want a pet, choose a steer. They are more even tempered because there are no hormone swings to deal with. When a cow is in heat, she can get cranky, and a bull can get obstinate when he detects love the air anywhere in the neighborhood. Laredo is gentle with the other calves.

While we don’t register our steers because they won’t be reproducing, we do register their birth with the AHCA and you can trace their lineage through the herdbook. Following is Laredo’s ancestry as recorded in the AHCA Herdbook:

Elm Hollow's Laredo registry information
Elm Hollow's Laredo's ancestry

Laredo gets along with all the other calves in the pasture or in a close quarters stall. He is not pushy and he seems to know that with so many in the class he needs to be patient and wait for his turn. He leads easily and relaxes when groomed. We see him grazing calmly with a group of heifers, but seldom play fighting with the bull calves. As a steer, he’d make a terrific companion for any lonely calf in your fold and he just might be one of those trainable cart pulling steers.

Laredo is available for $2,500.

If you would like additional information or would like to purchase Laredo, simply email [email protected] with your FULL NAME, YOUR FARM’S LOCATION, and a brief description of your farm.

I will also be requesting information about your pastures, facilities for handling, goals for your Highlands: (pasture ornaments, pets, beef, showing, etc.)  It is important to gather this information before the sale because I don’t accept offers unless I feel like the buyer and the calf/cow are a good match.  It is important that calf/cow will be manageable for the buyer and will be able to fulfill their goals.  I also want to be sure my calves/cows will have a safe home with the buyer.

All Elm Hollow calves have been vaccinated and examined by our vet.  All have been socialized, halter trained to stand and lead. Elm Hollow farm will pay for transfer fees when applicable and health certificates when required for transport.

Laredo is available for $2,500.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
Elm Hollow's Laredo Highland Bull Calf

Elm Hollow’s Laredo, AHCA # U16038

Elm Hollow's Laredo Highland Bull Calf

Laredo after a good brushing.

Big Ridge Fergus highland bull

Laredo’s sire: Big Ridge Fergus, AHCA # 57487

LiTerra Nadia large red Highland cow

Laredo’s dam: LiTerra Nadia AHCA # 55217 

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