For Sale – Elm Hollow’s Liberty: a sweet heifer with a bright future!

This year’s first heifer was born on Veteran’s day, so we chose Liberty as her name.

From the day she was born, Liberty was a pretty girl just like her beautiful mother, Ban Diuc of Legacy. During her halter training, we discovered her sweet personality that is also like her mother’s.

This darling, feminine heifer has many years of beautiful calves ahead of her. At eight months old, Liberty is halter trained and current on vaccinations. We use the modified live virus program at Elm Hollow Farm, which is recommended as the safest by most veterinarian.

As I review Liberty’s ancestry, I’m just wondering why she’s not on my keeper list! I guess it has to do with pasture size.

Elm Hollow's Liberty's ancestry

If you would like additional information or would like to purchase Liberty, simply email [email protected] with your FULL NAME, YOUR FARM’S LOCATION, and a brief description of your farm. 

I will also be requesting information about your pastures, facilities for handling, goals for your Highlands: (pasture ornaments, pets, beef, showing, etc.)  It is important to gather this information before the sale because I don’t accept bids unless I feel like the buyer and the calf/cow are a good match.  It is important that calf/cow will be manageable for the buyer and will be able to fulfill their goals.  I also want to be sure my calves/cows will have a safe home with the buyer. 

All Elm Hollow calves have been vaccinated and examined by our vet.  All have been socialized, halter trained to stand and lead and Elm Hollow farm will pay for transfer fees when applicable and health certificates when required for transport.

Liberty is available for $6,000.

NOTE: If a buyer purchases both Loretta and Liberty together, I will give a 5% discount for keeping them together.  That’s a $600 discount!

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
Elm Hollow's Liberty heifer calf at 4.5 months

Elm Hollow’s Liberty, AHCA # 64,799, at 4.5 months after playing in the mud with her friend Loretta.

Elm Hollow's Liberty during halter training

She is now much more mature and enjoys being combed and petted. Liberty is doing a great job learning about the halter!

Ban Diuc of Liberty Highland Cow with calf

Liberty’s dam, Ban Diuc of Legacy, AHCA # 56155.

Big Ridge Voodoo Magic a Highland Bull at Elm Hollow Farm

This handsome fellow is Liberty’s sire, BR Voodoo Magic, AHCA # 51522.

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