For Sale – Elm Hollow’s Louis: a companion or pet steer.

Louis was born December 3, 2022 and is the gentlest soul we have in halter class this year. On day three of class he was ready for cuddles. He has a good friend, Leon, and the two of them would be a great pair of pasture pets.

Louis will be a great pasture ornament or pet and can be a companion to a heifer, bull or another steer. Louis and Leon will be sold as a pair. I always recommend that if you want a pet, choose a steer. They are more even tempered because there are no hormone swings to deal with. When a cow is in heat, she can get cranky, and a bull can get obstinate when he detects love the air anywhere in the neighborhood.

While we don’t normally register our steers because they won’t be reproducing, we do register their birth with the AHCA and you can trace their lineage through the herdbook. We can register Louis at the buyer’s request for $50.

Following is Louis’ ancestry as recorded in the AHCA Herdbook:

Leon's registry
Elm Hollow's Louis' ancestry

Louis has been easy to work with from the start and he walks on a lead like he’s done it all his life. He’ll be a great companion for a heifer, bull, or another steer. Since he and Leon are pasture pals here, they will be sold together.

If you would like additional information or would like to purchase Louis, simply email [email protected] with your FULL NAME, YOUR FARM’S LOCATION, and a brief description of your farm.

I will also be requesting information about your pastures, facilities for handling, goals for your Highlands: (pasture ornaments, pets, beef, showing, etc.)  It is important to gather this information before the sale because I don’t accept offers unless I feel like the buyer and the calf/cow are a good match.  It is important that calf/cow will be manageable for the buyer and will be able to fulfill their goals.  I also want to be sure my calves/cows will have a safe home with the buyer.

All Elm Hollow calves have been vaccinated and examined by our vet.  All have been socialized, halter trained to stand and lead. Elm Hollow farm will pay for transfer fees when applicable and health certificates when required for transport.

Louis and Leon sold for $4,500.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
Elm Hollow's Louis

Elm Hollow’s Louis, AHCA # U16036.

Enjoying time with Elm Hollow's Louis

Enjoying a moment with Louis in halter class.

Snuggling with Louis

My snuggle buddy in halter class.

Elm Hollow's Louis

Louis at halter class.

Cridhe of Legacy

Louis’ dam Cridhe of Legacy AHCA # 49838.

Skye High Cornerstone

Louis’ sire is LiTerra Durango, AHCA # 62352. I don’t have a photo of Durango, but here is Skye High Cornerstone, Louis’s grandsire.

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