White Highland Bull for Sale:
Rockhouse Maverick

Rockhouse Maverick # 60683 is a sweetheart of a bull. We added him to our bull pen in October, but have since realized that three bulls is about all we can handle. It was a really tough decision to decide which of our younger boys to part with, but I think this is the right decision for us. Maverick is 15 months old and has his big boy voice now. He is gentle and easy going.

Maverick’s sire is G & H Farm’s Bosco #53814
His dam is Rockhouse Heather #53648. His genetic background includes: Blackwatch, Rivercity, McGeehee, Stoneclif, and Summit Ranch.

 The listed price of $3500 represents the lowest price I’m willing to accept for Rockhouse Maverick.

Update: Maverick has sold for $4000.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
White Highland bull Rockhouse Maverick on a halter
White Highland bull Rockhouse Maverick standing in pasture shown in profile
Rockhouse Maverick's sire G&H Farm's Bosco shown in profile
Very young white Highland bull calf shown lying near mother
Nancy Geller leading white Highland bull thru pasture on a halter
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