For Sale – TWINS!!! Elm Hollow’s Too Too Lucky and Elm Hollow’s Lavanya

Elm Hollow Farm does not raise mini cows, however, sometimes a circumstance does arise that produces a surprisingly small Highland. It has happened 3 times here, but this is the tiniest cow we’ve ever had. When a 14 year old cow produces a set of twins, I guess there just are not enough cells to build normal size babies. Aparently healthy in every way, these two calves have made it through halter training, been examined by our vet and vaccinated so they will stay healthy.

In class, Lucky has been chill from the start. Lavanya is a different story. She does not like to have the halter on, so we’re working on that every day. Strangely, once the halter is in place, she will allow grooming, and gladly accepts a small bowl of grain. Lavanya will jump and even kick if startled, but that has improved greatly as we do daily classes. She leads easily and settles right down when tied. Lavanya was a little head shy, so we did some desensytizing every day of class and that is much better now as well, but with a new person will need to be reviewed.

I’ve had people who are seeking “mini Highlands” ask me how tall a calf is before and my answer has always been, “We do not raise mini’s and their value is not in their height, it is in their conformation to standards and their temperament.” I may have even said that I would never measure the height of my calves. Well, never say never. My curiosity got the best of me with the twins.

When the twins are in the pasture, they socialize with other calves. Lavanya is more apt to hang out with the larger calves than Lucky is. He seems to be a bit intimidated by the larger calves even though I’ve never seen them pick on him.

This is their ancestry:

Lucky and Lavanya's registry
Lucky and Lavanya's ancestry

During halter training, we make sure the twins are together and both of them seem to be calmed by the other’s presence. For that reason we feel that they should stay together and they are being offered for sale on, where sellers have an option to set a buy outright price, which I did. They are $8,000 for the pair.

If you would like additional information or would like to purchase Lucky and Lavanya, simply email [email protected] with your FULL NAME, YOUR FARM’S LOCATION, and a brief description of your farm.

I will also be requesting information about your pastures, facilities for handling, goals for your Highlands: (pasture ornaments, pets, beef, showing, etc.)  It is important to gather this information before the sale because I don’t accept offers unless I feel like the buyer and the calf/cow are a good match.  It is important that calf/cow will be manageable for the buyer and will be able to fulfill their goals.  I also want to be sure my calves/cows will have a safe home with the buyer.

All Elm Hollow calves have been vaccinated and examined by our vet.  All have been socialized, halter trained to stand and lead. Elm Hollow farm will pay for transfer fees when applicable and health certificates when required for transport.

Lucky and Lavanya are available for $8,000.

Image of Ink Stamp of The Word Sold
Elm Hollow's Too Too Lucky and Lavanya twin highland calves

Elm Hollow’s Too Too Lucky, AHCA # U16031 (left) and Elm Hollow’s Lavanya, AHCA # 64780 (right).

Lavanya eating with her pasture mates

It is probably because of her stature that Lavanya thinks she needs to be such a little spitfire. The steers in this photo move right over when she wants to get to the trough, but she has to stand on tippy toes to reach the hay!

Measuring the twins

My curiousity got the best of me; I had to measure them.

Muirneag of Locustbrae Highland Cow

Dam: Muirneag of Locustbrae # 48580

High Skye Cornerstone

I don’t have a photo of their sire, LiTerra Durango, AHCA # 62352, so the photo is of Skye High Cornerstone, Durango’s Sire.

Elm Hollow's Lavanya

Elm Hollow’s Lavanya

Elm Hollow's Too Too Lucky

Elm Hollow’s Too Too Lucky

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