The first 6 months of 2018 have been eventful and exciting here at Elm Hollow. Just a few of the highlights will follow.

A group of highland calves at a feeding trough

January made us shiver, but the coos were delighted and invigorated with the crisp air. The January calves are now attending halter training school and will soon leave for their new homes. There are 5 pupils in the class. The girls are smarter and will graduate before the boys. But the boys like to show how handsome they are!

Highland calf named Maximus halter trained and standing in show pose

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Show time!!! Madison and Haley came nearly every day to work with Bearnie and Ferrell to get them ready for their first show! We learned together how much hard work goes in to prepping for a show.

Fun showing Highland calves at youth farm event

Highland calf from Elm Hollow farm with show ribbons

All that hard work did pay off! We had a great time at the show.

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Photo collage of merchandise featuring Elm Hollow Farm name

Summer calves? We did not plan for summer calves, but the best laid plans are sure to go awry. On June 13, we got a real surprise! A heifer we’d only had a few months presented us with a beautiful little red bull calf. Since we weren’t expecting that, we named him Bonus. He is healthy and curious and his young mother is doing very well. A few days later, our promiscuous heifer, Dare who had an unscheduled party date with Bear last fall surprised us with our first dun bull. Both mama and baby are doing very well.

And on the last day of June. Just in time to make this newsletter, our big girl Sydney who was supposed to have calved in February, gave birth to a little blue eyed red bull. We are looking for a name for this very special boy and the winning suggestion will receive an Elm Hollow coffee mug as a token of our appreciation.

Baby Highland bull with blue eyes and red fur

Suggestions will be screened by a local committee and the top 4 choices will be announced on our FB page. Voting will be done by likes. Here are a couple of pictures of the new baby: email suggestions to [email protected] .

One more calf to go! Predict the date and hour that Annabelle Jean will deliver her calf, the color of the calf, and the weight. The person who comes the closest in each of those areas will get 5 points, second closest gets 4 etc.

Whoever gets the most points will be declared psychic predictor of calving and win a mug! This contest will be done on the FB site. You get one entry and entries must be done by midnight on the 14th of July, 2018. (If the calf comes before then, I’ll keep it a secret.)

Mother cow with baby of the Highland Cattle variety

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