2020-2021 Highland Calves Preview

We are excited to be working with a fantastic group of calves from our Fall/Winter calving season. Big Ridge Voodoo Magic, Big Ridge Fergus and the beautiful ladies gave us eight bull calves and nine heifer calves beginning in October.

All calves will stay here until they are at least six months old. They will be weaned and halter trained after weaning, and of course will be up to date on recommended vaccinations.

We do not pre-sell or take a waiting list on calves any longer. Read more Sales Policies.

When they are ready for a new home, they will be announced thru our newsletter. 

2020-2021 Bull Calves

Shown at day of birth, and in early February.

Elm Hollow’s Justice

The first is Elm Hollow’s Justice. Dam is WKA Annie Get Your Gun # 56824. Annie is from a beautiful line of carefully bred cows and her temperament is very gentle.

Justice’s Sire is Big Ridge Fergus our Dun Bull, # 57487, so Justice could carry varied color genetics.

DOB 11/04/20

Highland calf named Justice drinking from mama on day of birth
Highland calf named Justice at three months profile view

Elm Hollow’s Joshua

Elm Hollow’s Joshua is also sired by Big Ridge Fergus # 57487. His dam is another very sweet tempered cow with excellent conformation, Sga’ile of Legacy # 56156. Joshua promises to be a really powerful bull.

DOB 11/05/20

Highland calf named Joshua on his birth day with mama cow
Highland calf Joshua at three months old

Elm Hollow’s Jaxon

Elm Hollow’s Jaxon’s sire is a silver bull that we have since sold to sire a fold of Windemere cows owned by a breeder in Nebraska.

EH Ferrell # 57706 is so gentle that the hauler who transported him fell in love with him on the trip and would halter him and take him on walks as he stopped along the way. His Dam, LiTerra Nadia, # 55217, a beautiful brindle, is our lead cow and one of our larger cows.

DOB 11/09/20

Highland calf named Jaxon with his mother on his birth day
Highland calf Jaxon at 3 months old

Elm Hollow’s Jupiter

Elm Hollow’s Jupiter was sired by EH Ferrell # 57706 and his dam, GAM Grace Suk # 58654 is out of the Beautiful Sunset line. Jupiter was up and running faster than any calf I’d ever seen!

DOB 11/16/20

Highland calf Jupiter with his mother on his day of birth
Highland calf named Jupiter eating hay with his mother at several months old
Highland bull calf Jupiter eating some tasty hay

Elm Hollow’s Journey

Elm Hollow’s Journey, Sired by BR Voodoo Magic # 51522 and dam, Big Ridge Callie #54244 is really an outstanding looking calf. His coat is extremely thick and has some curl. Although he appears to be reddish brown right now, looking at his eyes and muzzle, I’m expecting him to finish black like his daddy.

DOB 11/24/20

Highland bull calf Journey with mother on day of birth
Highland bull calf with parents at pasture several months old

Elm Hollow’s Jaunty Lad

Sire: BR Voodoo Magic # 51522 and dam: Call It A Farm Lavena #54184. He is a gorgeous dun out of one of the largest cows we have. If her heifer calf from last year is any indication of her offspring, this boy will really be fine. He looks like a baby elephant in this first picture! He is muscling up too!

DOB 11/22/20

Highland bull calf on first day walking with mother
Highland bull calf at Elm Hollow Farm approximately just a few weeks old
Jaunty Lad a highland bull calf born at Elm Hollow Farm

Elm Hollow’s Kickoff King

First calf to kickoff the 2021 calving year is Elm Hollow’s Kickoff King. King is sired by BR Voodoo Magic # 51522, and his dam is CSF Honeysuckle # 57529. King has the body length of his sire and the depth of his dam. He is growing fast! This is one to watch! Just 3 weeks old in this picture!

DOB  01/06/21

Black Highland bull calf with mama cow on his birth day
Very young black Highland bull calf
Black Highland bull calf at 3 weeks old

Elm Hollow’s Koko

Koko is a spunky boy and mama, GealachRuadh of Legacy, AHCA # 56153, has a hard time keeping up with him. Gala (Mom’s nickname) is the most beautiful cow we have here. When you see here, you expect to hear bagpipes playing in the distance. His sire, BR Voodoo Magic is our pride and joy. If only we could keep them all!

Koko is one of our January calves and will not be ready to go until late July or early August.

DOB  01/06/21

A red Highland bull calf named Koko looking inquisitively backward at camera
A tiny Highland calf running captured mid-leap
A highland calf standing behind his morther
A fully-matured Highland cow with magnificent horns

That’s it for this crop of boys. We’ll put the heifer calves on their own page.

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