– Farm Visits Policy Update –
– Halter Training 2021 Complete –
– New Clean Air Technology

Farm Visits Curtailed for Now

It’s hot! The coos are grumpy because many of them are getting near calving time and the heat is getting to them. Let’s leave these mamas alone so they can sleep in the shade and wade in the streams while they finish baking those babies in their ovens.

Covid has become a big concern again as students return to classes and hospitals begin to bulge at the seams once again. With that ever on our minds, please check out the healthy living section of this newsletter and my hubby will share what he has learned about a new product to help keep our homes safer.

Halter Training 2021 Complete

Highland bull calf tied to cattle panel during weaning

Halter Training School complete for 2021!!! The last 4 graduates have moved on to new homes.

It was a bit hot and sticky for the last class, but they settled in and all graduated with flying colors.

Highland calf with black fur and blond highlights being led thru field on a halter

Clean Air in Your Environment!

As you know from our website, we are interested in environmentally friendly products and a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and advocate the same for our customers. We are introducing a new product line available through our website to decrease airborne allergens and infectious agents.

Vollara whole hous air purifier

These air purifiers are based on technology developed for the Internation Space Station. They quickly destroy bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses. The device can destroys 99.99% of live SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus in the air in just THREE MINUTES. We’ve been using one in our home and our allergies have dropped way off.

Travel and personal versions are also available.

Read more here.

Vollara personal air freshening device hanging around woman's neck Vollara small space mobile air freshener unity


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