– Braxton’s First Calves –
– Sometimes, Life Happens –
– The Virtual Highland Cattle Show 2023 Results –
– Southeast Highland Show and Sale Results –
– Timing for the New Calves –

We received the exciting news that Braxton’s first calves of the season have begun arriving! Three of the bred cows that we sold over the summer have delivered beautiful, heathy, heifer calves! We’re hoping this heifer trend continues!

Sometimes, Life Happens!

Last July, five of our calves were lucky enough to find a wonderful home together in Oak Grove, KY. Their owner was thrilled with them and the calves were doing so well. Then, the news came that his job was moving out of state — not for just a few weeks, but for at least a year.

These calves are very social and have had daily human interaction, so the prospect of a full year of someone coming just to feed them, he made the decision to do what is best for the calves. I told him I would help in any way I could to transition them into the best homes we can find.

One lucky calf is already living it up and has been reunited with some of his Elm Hollow Farm buddies on a great ranch in the middle of Tennessee. Louis and Leon, a bonded pair of yearling steers, will be sold together to ease their transition. They are available for $4,500. Visit this link for details: https://elmhollowfarm.com/highlands-for-sale/

These two little steers will steal your heart. If you have been looking for Highland pasture ornaments and pets, this is your chance to fulfill that desire. Louis is the more cuddly of the two, but Leon likes attention too. They are not registered because they are steers and so will not reproduce.

These are photos from halter training in July of 2023. Both calves are calm and easy going. Louis is first in the green/black halter. Leon next with the orange halter.

These photos of Louis and Leon were taken on October 31, 2023 by their owner.

Showtime!!! Virtual and Live !

If you read our newsletters, you might remember that I listed two upcoming Highland Cattle show events at the end of the last Newsletter.
The Virtual Highland Cattle Show 2023 (and) The Southeast Highland Show and Sale

October was a busy month for us! The international Highland Cattle Breeders Group’s annual, virtual show was during the first week. I try to make some entries every year, but, procrastinator that I am, almost every year I find myself scrambling to get a decent photo to submit for judging. In that show, an internationally known judge studies the photos and announces the winners of each class. Then, the people who made entries and any other interested people who follow the show get a chance to choose their favorites. Not wanting to miss out completely, I dashed to the pasture with my camera and snapped some quick pictures of a few of our residents at the last minute for submission.

Even with the muddy feet that goes along with being in the pasture as a working bull we were so excited to have this result in the judges choice judging!

1st WKA Braxton

No. 5012023
Name: WKA Braxton
Sire: Sunset Doubletake
Dam: JTM Chloe
DOB: 6.11.2019
Fold Name: Elm Hollow Farm
Owner: Nancy Geller
Country: USA Tennessee

1st Elm Hollow’s Koal

No. 2012023
Name: Elm Hollow Koal
Sire: BR Voodoo Magic
Dam: Li Terra Nadia
DOB: 1.11.2021
Fold Name: Elm Hollow Farm
Owner: Nancy Geller
Country: USA Tennessee

2nd BR Voodoo Magic

No. 2022023
Name: BR Voodoo Magic
Sire: T 2 Gorgeous George
Dam: Britta of Big Ridge
DOB: 19.11.2011
Fold Name: J & C Ranch
Owner: Max Drachman
Country: USA Arizona

Southeast Highland Show and Sale

Then it was time to prepare for the Southeast Show the third weekend in October! Shows are fun even when you know that as a non-conformist you will not win. The real competitors devote much time and energy to special diets for their show cattle and “fitting” their cows for entering the ring. That means a lot of trimming and shaping to make their cattle more appealing visually. We watch the shows in Scotland and the cows are clean and combed, but not shaved to make their shape more appealing. We decided to go natural. Our 4-H helpers, who did much of the prep work, agreed that they were ok with that approach. Even so, one of Braxton’s daughters placed 4th in a very large class of 2-year-old heifers!

Winkist Acres Lily # 64510

Our little bulls seemed to enjoy all the attention they were getting leading up to the show. Both of them strutted around the ring and, although they didn’t win top honors, the judge had lots of nice things to say about them.

Timing for the New Calves

This year, as usual, we will wean calves at 6 months old. We then spend 4-6 weeks socializing, halter training, and vetting the calves so they are health, happy, and ready for their new homes. Our first calves will begin to be available in mid July and then through the summer as their sale prep is completed.

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