– Introducing our Managers! –
– Five new Cows join our herd –


As we grow, we are more and more reliant on our staff. Our farm hand, Bruce Woodward, has been doing more and more of the important work here and is essential to the success of our fold. He is now our salaried manager.

Our daughter, Sarah, has taken on the job of calf training assistant, and will soon be the manager in charge of that important part of the farm.

Benjamin, our grandson and future owner of Elm Hollow, is not yet ready for the responsibility of farm ownership, so he’s happy to tag along with mom and dad as he learns from them how to manage cows and train calves. 

His favorite part of farming is riding on the four wheeler or in the Jeep to check on the cows each morning and evening with his dad.

More Cows!

I’m constantly telling myself, my veterinarian, my insurance company, and anyone else I talk with about cows that we are “closing the herd.” Any new heifers will be produced by the cows we have and that is final. I don’t know if I’m fooling anyone but myself, but this is what happened on August 18th …

Welcome to Elm Hollow Farm!!!

The truck finally arrived from upstate New York and look who was on board!! We are so excited to welcome these beautiful girls who will find some of their own relatives already living here in Tennessee.

Double R Hunny Bunny, AHCA # 43542 has been the foundation of an amazing fold of Highlands and is an outstanding example of correct conformation with superb calf production at Legacy Livestock for many years.

Hunny Bunny brought along the cutest of the group, her baby boy, who has been going by the name Wee Gordie. In keeping with the “L” year tradition, we may change that to Lil’ Gordie. 

Gordie has already demonstrated a calm demeanor and let me comb the travel dirt from his coat with little fuss.

CCZ Bristol, AHCA # 49838, might be my dream cow. She is the grand dam to our most beautiful cow, Ban Duic of Legacy. I’ve always wanted more of her genetics to Elm Hollow Farm, and finally, that wish was granted!! Bristol is a gentle lass and we have a trust bond after less than 24 hours!

CCZ Janie, AHCA # 49837, is half sister to Bristol. She might be the longest bodied cow at Elm Hollow now! I think Janie will produce some calves that can make a beef breeder proud!

Elm Hollow’s Kade – yellow bull

Side view of very fluffy three month red Highland calf named Kallie's Lass

Muirneag of Locustbrae, AHCA # 48580, is a beautiful example of a mature, strong, healthy cow who will add some very correct conformation to our breeding program.

Cridhe of Legacy, AHCA # 55000 is the youngest of the cows in this group. She has so much potential and we’re happy that she will be here to carry on the genetics of her dam, Muirneag.

What About This Year’s Calves???

Four of the five new cows have babies on board! One has already had her calf. Because we didn’t have close contact with them until they arrived just a few days ago, we have a wide range of due date possibilities from mid-September through the middle of May.

The cows who were already here have a little smaller range, from mid-November through late April. During that time, we are expecting a total of 29 calves!

It is the policy here at Elm Hollow Farm to leave calves with their mothers until they are at least six months old. If they are mature enough at six months, they are moved to the secure calf pasture for weaning. We begin halter training at that time.

All calves are tattooed, vaccinated, and examined by our veterinarian before they are are offered for sale at seven months old. A calf born in mid-November will be ready for sale in mid-June. We may have a few ready before that time, but most of the calves this season will be ready from June through early September. 

All calves will be featured in newsletters as they are born and growing up, and most will be sold through news briefs announcing their sale dates. If you are familiar with our email auctions, watch for a few minor modifications that we’ll be making to streamline the auction process.

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