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Disclaimer: These dates are approximate pending the cooperation of the calves.

Class #1: Start Date – May 15

Red Highland bull calf named King of the Hill

Elm Hollow’s King of the Hill – red bull

Dun Highland heifer calf at 3 months named Kandy's Girl

Elm Hollow’s Kandy Girl – dun heifer

A young heifer calf named Kamila with reddish fur but color is turning black

Elm Hollow’s Kamila – black heifer

Profile view of red Highland steer calf named Kodiak Bear

Elm Hollow’s Kodiak Bear – red steer

Class # 2: Start Date – June 10

Red Highland calf standing in muddy field named Kassidy

Elm Hollow’s Kassidy – red heifer

Small fluffy black Highland steer calf named Koal

Elm Hollow’s Koal – black steer

Yellow Highland young bull with very kinky curly yellow fur

Elm Hollow’s Kade – yellow bull

Side view of very fluffy three month red Highland calf named Kallie's Lass

Elm Hollow’s Kallie’s Lass – red heifer

Class # 3: Start Date – June 25 (All boys)

Young red Highland steer calf looking at camera with inquisitive expression

Elm Hollow’s Karl – red steer

Black Highland bull calf in cattle pen with a snack bowl

Elm Hollow’s Kobe – black bull

Young Highland steer with brown fur but turning black named Kelly

Elm Hollow’s Kelly – black steer

Elm Hollow’s Knockout Punch – black bull

Class # 4: Start Date – July 10

Super-cute dun Highland heifer calf looking sideways at camera named Karisma

Elm Hollow’s Karisma – dun heifer

Young black heifer calf named Katherine at Elm Hollow Farm

Elm Hollow’s Katherine – black heifer

Class # 5: Start Date – August 1

Lavena's Laddie, a small red steer calf walking thru scattered hay at Elm Hollow Farm

EH Lavena’s Laddie – red steer

Red baby heifer calf with her larger mature black Highland mother

EH Darcy’s Magic Lady – red heifer

As you can see, there is a plan to get these calves ready for new homes. During halter training, the calves will also see our veterinarian to be sure there is no health issue that we have missed. At that time, the calf will receive it first vaccinations and be given an AIN tag. The AIN is an official “Animal Identification Number” which is required for livestock to be transported across state lines in the US. Up dated pictures will be posted on the website as calves are weaned.

Nice custom dog house


Elm Hollow recently adopted a 5th Great Pyrenees and so we needed another house. In my search for a house to match our others, I learned that the company that made our others had quit making them, I asked a local contractor if he could make one and he said, “Sure, but I want to make it just a bit bigger, because that is a big dog.” We love it! If you love it, I’ll put you in touch with him. You’d have to pick it up in Treadway, TN. It fits on a lawn mower trailer. (One of our other dogs claimed the new house and gave the newcomer his old one.)

Dog house with large Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog


Unfortunately, there are thieves and cheats all over the globe. They steal photos from the internet (even photos of registration papers) and create some very convincing posts about calves and cows they have for sale. Please, if you see posts with cute calf pictures for sale, check out the seller before you deal with them. This warning was sent out to AHCA members in late December of 2020.

American Highland Cattle Association logo

AHCA has recently been made aware that scammers have attempted to join our Facebook group in an effort to prey on our membership via private message. In some cases, there have even been photos of fraudulent registration papers sent with pictures of cattle for sale. These registration papers look very similar to the authentic version but in most cases the information on them is completely false. We urge you to use extreme caution if you are solicited online by someone that you don’t know and if you ever question the validity of a registration paper, please contact the AHCA office.
Josh Gregg
AHCA President

Often, scammers will post in groups related to farm animals and avoid Highland groups in an attempt to avoid the eyes of legitimate breeders who are alert and watching for signs of fraud. One of these was posted in a chicken group, the other in a cattleman’s group that sells equipment. I personally engaged these two and caught both in elaborate lies.

Example of post from scammer
Example of scammer post

Legitimate breeders will normally be an established member of a Highland association so you can ask for references from other members in that group. They will not be a newly established FB profile or a brand new member of a Highland group. Scammers have to change their FB profile frequently because legitimate breeders or burned buyers make them known and that profile is taken down. Established Highland group members will scrutinize any post of calves for sale since they are not allowed by FB policy.

Example of scammer post


Be sure to visit the website and see the newest additions! We have finally completed the Bios of the cows. Parts IV and V. I tell myself that is all, I won’t be buying any more cows. Then, I meet a new girl and fall in love. . . . . .

We also were fortunate to add some new genetics to our semen tank and will be offering some additional outstanding genetics to our semen buyers.

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