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Upcoming Events

A Brief Update on Some Fun Highland Events You Can Participate in From Home

Come on and join the fun and excitement. You can see some shows and even buy some cows!


The Virtual Cattle Show

This is an annual event and there are participants from all over the world. The entries are judged first by experienced judges especially selected by the group to do traditional judging. Then, the people vote on their favorites. We have had first place winners in the past in people’s choice and second place winners in the professional judging. We are honored by both.

You can view all the entries on line, and if you would like to participate in the people’s choice voting, We have prepared a brief info sheet on how to do that, and while we’d love to have your vote for our entries, we’d also just love for you to look at them all and enjoy judging for yourself.

If you’d like to participate, send me an email and I’ll send you the instructions on how to become a Highland Cattle Judge!


Annual Sourtheast Highland Cattle Auction

This will be the 3rd annual Highland cattle sale in the southeast region, and promises to be a grand event. It would be wonderful if you could attend in person, but if not, the auction will be available online at www.cowbuyer.com.

A promotional banner with text Southeast Highland Cattle Show & Auction featuring a white Highland cow in the mountains

Johnson City, TN
Auction Begins 2PM, Saturday, October 3, 2020

Register for AuctionView Catalog

There will be transporters available to bring your purchases to your farm! We have purchased some outstanding cattle at the two previous sales and will be taking the Elm Hollow cattle limousine with us this year (just in case) If you plan to bid, cattle can be picked up before noon on Sunday as long as you arrange ahead of time for someone to take care of them until then.

There will be an open Highland cattle show on Friday, October 2 at the Agricultural Arena in Gray, TN at 2:00 PM. A Junior Highland Show will take place on the morning of the 3rd at 10:00 AM with the auction to follow at 2:00 PM. This promises to be a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful animals.

Come and meet some of the breeders! In spite of my rather clumsy accident which has me in a wheel chair for the time being, we plan to attend.


This month has been event filled here at the farm most of it not so great.

Highland cattle breeder Nancy Geller of Elm Hollow Farm with broken ankle seated in wheelchair in cattle handling barn

I stepped in a hole in the pasture while training calves and broke my ankle. I am now put together with plates and screws and on the mend. Hope to be back on my feet for Christmas! This has set back halter training a bit, but Schuyler and my son-in-law, Bruce have really stepped up to meet the needs of the cows! Thank you both!

Icon for no phone service

As the progress of the installation of waterers and the water drainage control efforts have progressed, we have once again lost our land line service to a cut cable. Our cell service is practically non existent way out here, so if you don’t know smoke signals, email is your most reliable means of communication with us until further notice.

Text will work also, but it is easier to use a computer keyboard.

A brown Highland bull calf at weaning age named Hans Solstice

Finally, we had a very sad and tragic loss of a promising bull calf. Hans was the first of Elm Hollow’s Magic calves to be born. He was lively, friendly, and beautiful to look at. He met with a freak accident in the pasture during the night. There was no foul play, just an accident.

This reinforced to me the wisdom of my decision not to pre-sell calves. I’d had so many people wanting to make Hans Solstice a member of their fold, I was waiting for him to be old enough to virility and be sure he was as good as he looked before offering him for sale. Maybe that was a mistake, but if I’d pre-sold him while waiting on that test, this would have been even more tragic.

These heart aches are part of farming, but I’ll never get used to them. RIP my beautiful boy. I would not have published this, but there were several waiting for the announcement that Hans was ready for his new home and I didn’t want you think that I’d sold him without announcing his availability as promised.
Thank you for being a part of our newsletter family!

Enjoy participating in the upcoming events. If you want to have info on People’s Choice voting, just shoot me an email.

The Best Way To Reach Us….

Land line: out of service

The best way to contact us is by email:
[email protected]
[email protected]

If you prefer text:
Nancy’s cell: 912-674-8401
Schuyler’s cell: 423-754-0747

We are so far out that our cell service isn’t as good as red Solo cups and string, so please text to cell phones and save the frustration of “Can you hear me now?”

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