The past 3 months have certainly been eventful and exciting here at Elm Hollow. Just a few of the highlights will follow.

We welcomed a brand new baby, Annabelle Jean who was supposed to calve in June, finally popped out a record breaking 68# calf in the early hours of September 2. The baby prediction contest was won by Tiffany Prevatt. She will receive an Elm Hollow mug for her accuracy!

Highland Cow Annabelle Jean With Her Newborn Calf Galen

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We were excited to be able to help TOP farm get started on their own highland adventure! Bearnie, Meg, and Edie literally moved to greener pastures on August 10th. Meg surprised us all when she presented her new owners with a beautiful calf three weeks later! She is on her way to becoming an Impact Dam!

Three Highland cows in thick green pasture


July 28, was a bittersweet day. Gwyndolin, my star pupil in the halter training class, left Elm Hollow for her new home in Arkansas. Kaitlin had waited patiently for months while Gwyndolin was weaned and halter trained.

Award winning Highland calf from Elm Hollow Farm

There were tears all around when the day finally came for them to meet. Kaitlin wanted Gwyndolin to be comfortable in her new home, so she even took Auntie Flora home to keep her company. As you can see, Gwyndolin is well loved.

Young lady hugging a haltered Highland calf with distinctive coloring

Flora takes her job as Auntie very seriously.

Flora, a mature white Highland cow at Elm Hollow Farm

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As we increase the size of the fold, we will surely need more hay this winter. That calls for a new hay barn! Ours was built and filled in late August. By the end of the week, this barn was filled with 200 very nice smelling round bales. The coos spent the next day with heads over the gates gazing at their winter larder.

Large fabric building for storing hay at Elm Hollow Farm


Visit the auction website to see the cattle being auctioned:

Come on out for a great sale and sample some real Highland beef! Lunch will be served! You can bid on site or online!

To bid online, make sure to register in advance at:

Be sure to also make arrangements for pick up of any online purchases if you plan to bid!

Fall calving will begin soon!

The contest for this newsletter: by the month, guess the number of calves, the ratio of heifers to bulls, and how many red calves. There can be three winners. October, November and December. You can enter one time for each month.

Entry sample: In August I think there will be 5 calves born, 4 heifers and 1 bull, and 3 of them will be red.

Entrants will get 1 point for each correct prediction.

Make your predictions for October, November, and December!

Winners receive an Elm Hollow soup mug!

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