A look back at 2018, and forward toward 2019 here at Elm Hollow. A year of learning and resolutions for the new year.

Cattle handling facility being installed at Elm Hollow Farm

A new handling facility with head gate went in so we can easily and safely care for the needs of our coos. When our vet made a barn call, he declared it top notch!

Large fabric building for storing hay at Elm Hollow Farm

The fold has almost doubled in size now and that means a need for more hay. More hay requires more storage, so another building had to be added. Our new hay storage barn went up in July and was filled with sweet hay from Jones Hay Company – conveniently located just 8 miles from Elm Hollow Farm.

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We were also delighted to learn that Elm Hollow Farm has become well known enough that Google maps recognizes us as point of interest making it much easier for our visitors to find us.

Sunset over the Tennessee mountains at Elm Hollow Farm


• Attend the National Show and sale in Denver in January. Owned and shown by Kaitlin Edwards, Elm Hollow’s own, EH Gwyndolin will compete in her first national show!

• Continue to refine our breeding program to produce even tempered, well-proportioned, Highland cows in a variety of colors to give new enthusiasts a great selection to choose from when beginning their Highland journey.

• Attend and support regional sales and shows at every opportunity.

• Expand the online store to offer a variety of merchandise.

Shop the online store and save 10% on any order from now until April 15. Enter the code: TAXDAY2019.

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Be watching the cattle for sale page as we continue to refine our breeding program. It will be so hard to part with some of our favorite coos, but we can’t keep them all. This year we will have several beautiful bred cows for sale as we refine to represent a more “Scottish Look”.

Here is a sample of one of the halter training classes from 2018. All calves will be started on halter training and can be made into pets or shown as club calves.

A group of highland calves at a feeding trough

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