A Year of Change at Elm Hollow Farm

– New Logo –
– Big Ridge Voodoo Magic –
– First Calves of the Season –
– More New Additions –

We hope you enjoy our new farm logo as much as we do. It is a great evolution of the old hand drawn logo that we feel is very distinctive and striking. We’d like to thank the photographer Cora Wagoner for sharing her skills.

Elm Hollow Farm logo

It is finally finished! Magic’s Kingdom is ready.

Big Ridge Voodoo Magic, our new lead bull, has his own barn complete with show fans to keep him comfortable. He does also share it with his buddies Big Ridge Fergus and our own EH Ferrell.

New barn for bulls at Elm Hollow Farm

This has been a whirlwind summer of changes here at Elm Hollow farm. Lots of tears as we sold some of our very favorite cows to make room for the genetics we needed to move forward with producing the highest quality Highlands we can. Our goal is to be able to offer top notch breeding stock for the pasture and winners in the show ring.

As we move into fall, the improvements continue with insulated waterers being installed throughout the pastures. We can finally drain the stock pond and it’s unsanitary water will be a thing of the past. Additional cross fencing will be added this winter to help us create the chemical free environment we want for our coos. Rotational grazing will help extend our grazing season while reducing the weed population. Top quality hay from Jones Hay Company ensures that our nutritional goals can be met with little or no supplemental grain.

Red Road's Rufus, a sturdy Highland bull

The first calves of this season are sired by Red Road’s Rufus (above), who was sired by Sunset Rebel Yell and his grandsire is Sunset Limited Edition. We will also welcome Calves from Duncan II of Faye-AAA, and CSF John Yuma (below) this fall.

We are expecting 18 calves between mid October and the end of March There will genetics from a total of 6 different sires! Read more here if you would like to be on the wait list.

LiTerra Nadia a Highland cow being led by halter

Hold on…. make that 19. LiTerra Nadia (AHCA # 55217) just delivered us healthy twins sired by Rufus. Twin heifers even! Mama (shown below) is feeling very maternal toward both. We’re overjoyed and celebrating this major FIRST for Elm Hollow Farm. Welcome EH Carol (Burnette) and EH Lucille (Ball)!

Highland cow with twins at Elm Hollow Farm

We’ll also soon see calves from Big Ridge Fergus and of course Big Ridge Voodoo Magic! Both Fergus and Magic, pictured below with Magic wearing black, will someday soon be going on a little vacation to be pampered by a genetics facility where they will be collected for genetic sharing internationally – stay tuned for availability next year. But first, they’ll be working hard to keep their lady loves happy and ensure another season of calving next fall.

Award winning Highland Bull, Voodoo Magic

Highland bull named Fergus standing by a stream with straight horns

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Lavena a pretty Highland cow with her calf

We welcomed two outstanding new ladies in September. Call it a Farm Lavena (above) has already blessed us with a beautiful little heifer, EH Heaven’s Star. JHN Denali (below) will soon follow her lead with a calf due any day.

A thick bodied Highland cow named Denali at Elm Hollow Farm

We attended the second annual Southeast Highland Cattle Auction in October with no intention of bidding on anything. Then I saw Rockhouse Katherine (below) . . . I’m sure you can guess what happened.

Katherine is now our newest adult resident and has a date with Fergus planned for January. Stay tuned for more changes here at Elm Hollow Farm! Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter.

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Mature Highland heifer named Katherine wearing a halter in a cattle handling facility

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Merchandise photo collage showing items with Highland cows and Elm Hollow Farm logo

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