2020 Here We Go!

– New Calves –
– National Western Stock Show –

National Western Stock Show in Denver!
What a wonderful exciting event! We hope to see you there next year…

Elm Hollow Farm’s herd sire, Big Ridge Voodoo Magic has produced another champion!

We are so excited to announce the Division 1 Intermediate Heifer Calf champion in 2020 went to FSH Shake your Groove (AI,D), AHCA registration number 59,481 born 5/3/19 and shown with her NWSS championship banner below.

She is owned and was shown by Chet Welch of Tunnel Hill Farm, and was bred by Greg Starr of Four Star Highlands. This little Lassie was the youngest heifer in her division and the most structurally correct.

Highland Heifer national champion FSH Shake Your Groove at the 2020 National Western Stock Show

Our favorite Junior had an exhausting day. She was chosen to give out ribbons to winners all morning, then had both a heifer and a bull to prep and show in the afternoon!

Congratulations, Kaitlin Edwards on a great show!

Young girl showing a Highland calf at National Western Stock Show A Young Highland bull calf tawny colored in the show ring


Highland calf Elm Hollow's Josie resting on some hay in the barn

Elm Hollow’s Josie was born January 30, 2020 Her proud parents are Big Ridge Callie # 54244 and BR Voodoo Magic # 51522.

Josie and her mom have spent some time in the shelter of our mama cow facility during the torrential rains. She will be joining the other Elm Hollow calves in the big pasture as soon as the sun comes out this weekend.

Highland cow and newborn calf penned up

Remember Hank? He met his new owner, Paisley, and she did an outstanding job completing his halter training. Then she broke the news to him, “Hank, if you want treats, you’ll have to earn your keep.” Hank thought it over and came up with a rather rewarding part time job with good pay and great benefits!

A small Highland calf photographed behind a kissing booth Young girl snuggling with a Highland calf during halter training

Stay tuned for the next newsletter and the big reveal: Who’s your daddy?

Standing is O’ganach (Little Man) and lounging in front is Hot Stuff. O’ganach’s mom was in a pasture with a young bull when an older and wiser bull jumped the fence. Hot Stuff’s little mother endured a teen pregnancy without ever revealing who done it. These boys are either brothers or uncle and nephew.

Two Highland bull calves at pasture one standing one sitting

The Best Way To Reach Us….
Nancy’s cell: 912-674-8401
Schuyler’s cell: 423-754-0747

Please use text if you can’t get through. We are so far out that our cell service isn’t as good as red Solo cups and string.

Award badge for 1st place in class 4 at the 2019 International Highland Cattle Virtual Show

As we’ve started collecting and selling semen from our award-winning bulls, we created a related page on the website with information about that. It also includes information about our herd sires. Check it out here.

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