Calves, Calves, Calves

– Birthday Party –
– COVID Update –
– The Big Reveal –
– Preparing to Rehome –

Happy Birthday!!!

Paisley threw quite a party for Hank’s first birthday! She was sure to keep within guidelines so there were fewer than 10 guests, and they all washed their hands, hooves, or paws before eating.

COVID-19 Update

Hope this finds you safe and Healthy. Because of the Corona virus, we have suspended farm visits. I’m aware that Tennessee’s Governor has declared the danger over and reopened businesses, but we will error on the side of caution and continue to follow the advice of the medical experts and consider the evidence of past pandemics.

We are still able to safely sell calves that are ready for their new homes. We’re sorry not to be able to meet everyone and hope to be able to reopen soon.

Two Highland bull calves at pasture one standing one sitting

The Big Reveal

Standing is O’ganach (Little Man) and lounging in front is Hot Stuff. O’ganach’s mom was in a pasture with a young bull when an older and wiser bull jumped the fence.

Hot Stuff’s little mother endured a teen pregnancy without ever revealing who done it. These boy are either brothers or uncle and nephew.

Update: Hot Stuff is definitely a son of Red Road’s Rufus. Have still not received DNA results on O’ganach, but I’m betting these boys are half brothers.

Photo of Highland calf sniffing a boot curiously Highland calves snuggling with owner

Preparing for Re-Homing

Working with calves is such a joy. (at least for us . . . I’m not sure the calves agree)

Highland calf getting ear tattooed with registration number

The mamas worry and watch as their babies are haltered for the first time, they get those first horrid vaccinations, and the tattoo is terrible!

As long as baby can run back out and do some comfort nursing though, things aren’t too bad.

A Highland calf with milk all over his face next to mama

Then the heart-breaking day comes . . . Mama is moved to the big pasture and baby is left with no milk bar. The trauma is real, but fortunately only lasts a couple of days until the adjustment is made. It’s like sending your kids off to boarding school I guess. Life goes on and soon there will be a new baby to fill mom’s life.

And baby learns to love people and enjoys the company of other calves. They don’t all get as snuggly as this one, but many do!

Nancy Geller of Elm Hollow farm snuggling with calf

Highland calves should never be without a companion. They are herd animals and without another cow to play with, they will consider their human their playmate. That’s fine while they are calves, but when they get big, if they don’t realize you are not their size, it can get dangerous.

But if you’re patient and know how to kindly teach them respect, even as adults, they can be great pets.

Woman in a field scratching the chin of an appreciative Highland cow

We take our responsibilities for these calves and their new humans very seriously.

The price of all calves sold by Elm Hollow will include: up to date vet recommended vaccinations, a valid health certificate for travel, registration in the AHCA herdbook, a halter and beginning halter training, and the required left ear tattoo. Buyer may choose not to have the calf registered.

No calf will be weaned and delivered before it is six months old, unless for some reason it must be bottle fed. Delivery can be arranged within 500 mi. at a flat price of $2.00/mile billed for the one way trip from our farm to yours.
Stay Safe…

Stay safe out there! Wear your mask, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, decontaminate everything you buy before taking it into your home.

The Best Way To Reach Us….

Landline has returned: 423-272-6609

Nancy’s cell: 912-674-8401
Schuyler’s cell: 423-754-0747

Please use text if you can’t get through. We are so far out that our cell service isn’t as good as red Solo cups and string.

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