2020 Here We Go…

– New Calves, Sales & Shows –
– Big Website Changes –

It never slows down!  Calves began appearing in October and will continue to arrive until mid March.  As of this newsletter, 10 have arrived and 8 more are expected.  The heifers are doing well with their first calves and so far, everyone is healthy and spunky.

Thanksgiving meant a move to a new home for Hank.  He was a little apprehensive about leaving mom until he met Paisley, the princess of Cattle Creek Ranch.  It was love at first sight for both.
Paisley has taken over the halter training we began here and is doing a great job!

Child halter training a red Highland bull calf  Child hugging a Highland bull calf during halter training session

The antics on the farm can sometimes lead to confusion when it comes to identifying the sire of a calf.  We have a couple of sweeties who will have a Jerry Springer moment here when the DNA comes back.  These two little bulls will be available by the first week of May.

Standing is O’ganach (Little Man) and lounging in front is Hot Stuff.  O’ganach’s mom was in a pasture with a young bull when an older and wiser bull jumped the fence.  Who is daddy?

Hot Stuff’s mom was a wild child as a young heifer.  She came to Elm Hollow successfully masquerading as an innocent babe.  One day during halter training, I noticed the tell tale full udder and went looking through the pasture.  Sure enough, she had a wee babe hidden in the tall grass!  These two may turn out to be half brothers!  Both are nice looking boys.

Two Highland bull calves at pasture one standing one sitting A Highland bull calf profile photo

Took advantage of the mild January weather to snap a few photos of new babies.  There is a waiting list for the ones we can part with, but they are sure fun to look at.

Read more here if you would like to be on the wait list.

Mother Highland cow with her calf resting in the pasture Very young Highland calf with red coat

Brown Highland calf licking his nose and staring down camera Highland cow mother with her calf looking ready for a drink

October was exciting when we consigned semen at the Southeast Highland cattle auction.  We were so pleased that Magic was very well received there that we decided to do a consignment of 10 straws at the National Highland Cattle Auction in Denver.  Greatly anticipating the National Show and sale!

This year, Big Ridge Bearnard, the son of our lead bull Big Ridge Voodoo Magic, will have two of his offspring shown and one of Magic’s daughters will be there!  Kaitlin from Hartman Highland Farm will be showing EH Gwyndolin and Fergus.  We wish them well!

Young girl shows a brown Highland calf EH Gwendolyn  Young girl shows a uniquely colored Highland bull calf EH Fergus

Magic’s first AI daughter to enter the national show ring was bred by Greg Starr/Four Starr Highlands and is owned and shown by Chet Welch/Tunnel Hill Farm.  Born on May 3, 2019, FSH Shake Your Groove is starting her career at the tender age of 8 months!  Sire: BR Voodoo Magic / Dam: STR Shake It Off.  We’ll be cheering for her!

Black Highland heifer calf at 6 months

During the installation of the watering system for our cattle, the phone line was cut multiple times.  For now we have suspended the land line service and are depending on the rather spotty service of our Verizon cell phones.  Texts do come through and we can return calls if we go to the right place in the pasture, stand on one foot and hold on to the electric fence, or we can just communicate with text.  Sorry for that inconvenience, but that is part of the joy of living the life dreamed of.  “Can you hear me now?”
Nancy’s cell: 912-674-8401
Schuyler’s cell:  423-754-0747

We’ve made some major updates to the website too.

As we’ve started collecting and selling semen from our award-winning bulls, we created a related page on the website with information about that. It also includes information about our herd sires. Check it out here.

Award badge for 1st place in class 4 at the 2019 International Highland Cattle Virtual Show

And with our mentor Bill Arrington retiring, we received permission to include on the site some detailed information on the Scottish Highland standards that Bill had put together. This important contribution to the dialogue around our breed will continue to be available at ElmHollowFarm.com. Read more about the breed standards.

Mature Highland bull standing on sloped ground

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